Kikoy Wraps

Kikoy (or Kikoi) comes from the Swahili word for 'wrap' or 'something to wrap around you'. 

Our Kikoy’s originate from Kenya and may be used as a sarong, skirt, dress, shawl, towel, scarf, coverup, head wrap, beach blanket, and so much more.


Head out in style with our collection of African Print Backpacks. Perfect for back-to-school, travel, or your next adventure. 

Maasai Shukas

Authentic Kenyan Maasai Shukas.
Perfect as a picnic blanket, shawl, throw or scarf. Also great for home decor or crafting.

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Sewing With African Wax Print Fabric

All the techniques, step-by-step instructions, and patterns you need to make 25 African wax print garments and accessories.

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